What's he building in there!!

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Many tubes make for a strong joint, not the forks that will be used but I had to see what it will look like. It’s my first tandem build for me and my girlfriend I figure this would be the best way to get her into touring. I had to design and build custom blocks and towers for this big beauty. Looking foward to getting out on the road with her for three weeks of cycling through Japan, sounds like a good way to test her out. Bring it on.

  1. PONY BIKES says:

    Lovin it Tarn, please do a seperate blog of the tour, in both of your words!! Sash

  2. Dan says:

    I'll second Sasha's request. The tandum's looking great! Is there a specific theory with the rear BB brace, or just some extra reinforcing?

  3. Primate says:

    hey thanks for the coments im very much looking 4d to getting out for a good test ride she is getting sprayed at the moment so hope to be on the road with her in 2-3 week from now.the rear BB brace is to take some of the flex out of the boom tube witch takes 2-4 times the normal force of a standard bb.

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