Santa bought me some cool toys this year

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Well I got some cool new tools recently, picked up a very sweet milling machine. I’ve been hanging for the right machine to come so I was well excited when I found it. It was a big job getting it out of the old work shop, I had to do some funky rigging and creative door removal but it all went well and she is sitting in the new work shop. I haven’t not got to know her yet but I’m looking forward to a long and beautiful relationship.

getting a tandem attachment for my jig which I’ll be using to build cargo bikes as well as tandems. I’ve finished designing and drawing the first cargo bike and I’ll be starting the build as soon as the new jig is through customs.

I’ve also bought a new tig welder and I’m working on a 24″ tig welded fixie, I call it ‘The Street Monkey’. It should be a lot of fun and super tight through the traffic, plus it’s got loads of bar spin room up front, I’ll post shots as it comes together. I’m finalising the design for a 6″ travel duel-y with a funky suspension system, I’ve got a bit of tweaking to do but it’s looking sweet so far and I’m looking forward to building this one.

Design wise I’ve
got a bunch of new rear tips designed for Candy Cranks frames and some Rohloff specific tips for a custom build I’m working on at the moment. Well that’s about it for now, I’ll put some shots up of the products and bikes as they become a reality, this lot are of the tig and the back purge system set up on the jig.

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