BMX Bandit

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Well here is my little red pill.

I had a bit of a set back with the build of this one, I made the seat stay and chain stay bridges just that bit too close to the tyre. After much kicking myself  for being impatient I set to work cutting the bridges out and fitting new ones. Off to get painted again (sorry Peter).

Got her back and quickly put it all back together and road her home to hit it up at Maroubra skate bowl.

A few little tweaks setting up the cock pit and it was time to through down some lines, getting to know her and getting her dialed in .

I have not hit the park up for a while so the body was complaining the next day (it keeps telling me im to old for this shit and I keep telling it to shut up and do what its told, I think it may win but I will put up a fight before I go down)

all in all im happy with the build and the ride I think we will have some good times together.

I’m off to the park now to teach my body who is boss. 

Stay up right..

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  1. Keir Whitcher says:

    I have bad news for you Tarn, with increasing age, your body will inform you on a regular basis that it is not supposed to do certain things. Be like me and at 41 dont listen to it. Speak to you soon for that frame. The secret to ageing gracefully is voltaren!!! See you local pharmacist!! Cheers Keir

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