Fly little street monkey fly

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Well here is my new play-thing finished and flying along.

There’s a write up on the build in an earlier post if you want the tec low down.

I had a major headache getting tyres for this little one, did a lot of  web checking before I started designing her and I found 24″x1″ tyres, sweet. Little did I know how many variations there are in 24″ tyres.

Built my wheels up ordered the tyres from the UK, waited 5 days for them to arrive, on opening the box I could pretty much tell they would not fit. Sure enough they are floating over the rim by nearly an inch, they are 24″x1″with a 440mm rim diameter  after much checking double checking and swearing went searching again found another tyre 24″x1″by 420mm rim . Email to the company, yes its 24″x1″x420mm  “OK send it out thanks”. Another 5 day wait, low and be hold  they have sent me another tyre that does not fit. More swearing and I’m starting to get worried now as the frame will only accept a 1″ tyre.

A call to Paul and Dylan at hill brick racing and they tell me they have 24x1x420 tyres third time lucky surly?

But alas no they are marked 24x1x420 and my rims are 420mm but they are still 10mm to big. Starting to lose my mojo with this build now, another call to hill brick and they tell me they have the complete pre built wheels and tyres ready to go, I hate using wheels I have not built my self  but I had blown far too much time and money on things so far and me and my girl where going to ride around Melbourne for a couple of days and this is exactly what this bike was built for small and compact for traveling on planes and building up in hotel rooms and quick for cutting it up thru the streets.(at least that is what I was hoping it would do) .

Placed the order for the wheels the day before we flew out ( thanks Dylan for getting them away on time for me you guys rock) finished work late still had to build up the little beast makes sure it all fit together as it should, all together no time for a test ride, pull it apart and box it up for the morning flight.

I hate flying with bikes, I spend the whole time worrying  if they will be broken when I un pack them at the other end, I have got packing them down to a fine art now though. All was well this time, nothing crushed bent or smashed. Onto the hotel to un pack the bikes build them up and it is finally time to see what I have actually created.

The car park test up and down outside the hotel all felt good, must remember little wheels and short chain stays makes for a bike that pops up on the back wheel very easy, a lesson learnt very quickly with much laughing from my girlfriend thanks. then it was time to hit the streets of Melbourne man I love this city. Soon found my self wearing a big grin this bike was just fun to ride we where just cruising but I could feel it chafing at the bit to through down some speed (easy there Tonto).

We cruised Brunswick st (man there is a lot of bikes in this town) then headed over to pony bikes to say hi to Sasha. We where there for about 10 mins when it started to rain which turned into hail which then turned into really BIG hail, probably lasted for 15 mins but man did it do some damage was crazy to watch. Thanks Sasha for keeping us high and dry. That pretty much put an end to riding thru town that day we tried to get over to see Dan from shifter bikes new shop but the city was seriously flooded was getting close to the BB on some of the streets so it was time to admit defeat and head back to the hotel. Next day was simlier no massive storm but it was short rides between showers so I didn’t get to really find out what this little monkey had to offer that had to wight till I got back to Sydney.

I have been riding the bike for a couple of weeks now and I’m sorry to say that my other whips are getting a bit neglected. This thing is just so much fun to ride, it is a speed weapon so fast of the lights and super nimble thru the traffic and man can it rip up the hills it really does bring out a smile when I’m riding it. There is not much I would change on it. I do have a second set of forks for it that I built that are a lot tighter over the wheel and will bring the front end down by an 1″ so i will fit them and ride it to see how it feels and handles and then I will be looking at building a couple of  frame sets up for sale as I think it will tick the right boxes with some of the people out there.

Well I’m of to get my dose of fun on my little monkey.

Stay up right ..

  1. Dan says:

    I’d been watching this come together and must admit that my overriding thought had been “what the…? why” but now it all make sense! Seems like a great compromise for travelling, city riding and I’m looking at its polo potential.
    I need to build up a swiss-army-bike for some upcoming travel and I’d seriously consider the 24″ if it weren’t for the tyre issue.
    Great build!

    • Wrench Monkey says:

      Hey Dan
      thanks for the big ups. I was not sure how this one was going to come out but as I said in the post It is just a great bike to ride, and now I have sorted out sorcing the wheele components I will be definatly be looking at bringing it out as a small run production model. If you can make it to the star track ally cat ill have it there and you are more than welcome to take it for a spin. stay upright Tarn.

  2. buoy says:

    WOW, like the grown up version of the moosegoose, Way, Way Cool!

  3. Ben Hughes says:

    Hiya Wrench Monkey,

    Dan had told me about someone having major dramas getting 24″ wheels sorted and now I see who he meant. Awesome build and I can also see the polo potential.
    What were the rims you started with before the Hillbrick wheelset?
    I found a Schwable Durano HS 399 that is 23-520 (24 x 0.9) foldable which would be the business.
    Also guessing that the Hillbrick tyres should have done the trick making me think the original rims are the issue.


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