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Here is Arunas”s new touring Frame and forks

The photos where a bit rushes as im still in the process of moving and setting up the new work shop, Arunas has promised to send some of the rig when it is all finished ill put them up when they arrive.

This is a very nice build with a lot of custom fitting and very nice clean lines, the frame is using a set of tips I designed for the rohloff rear hub he is using, there is a phil woods eccentric BB with pinch bolts rather than the standard grub screws, 9/6/9 Columba’s  tube set, forks are dedachi uni crown with a 45mm bend (putting a bend in uni crown forks is a chalange and a lot of care has to be taken to get the bends equal and on the same radius. a good chalange)

Next was the racks they are surly racks, if you have ever seen or used them you will know they come with an amazing array of stainless hardware there would be about 1/2 kg just in the hardware for these racks. So Arunas wanted to do away with as much of the shiny weight as possible this involved offering the rear racks up with the wheel and gards in the frame. After much fiddling and re fiddling to get everything correctly set up, the  cutting and filling commenced. these racks turned out to be a lot of work to get sorted, the powder coating on them is so thick it took a lot of burning to get them clean enough to weld and then there is the issue of the arms which are chromed and would have to be some of the strongest plating i have ever come across. after much cursing I got them all fitted up and brazed together then the went off to get painted. I  got a call from my painter a day later saying that he could not get the powdercoat of and I would have to do it and send it back to him (I wanted to get them sand blasted but the tubes are to small and there is a good chance that the grit will take to much of the steel away. Not ideal for a working set of racks) So it was out with a can of paint stripper and a really lovely day of burnt skin and a bad temper at the end of which I found that there was still another layer of powder coat under the first (how happy was I!!) . this time it was out with the oxy torch to burn the rest of he powder coating off , another half day of nocus fumes and lots of wire brushing but I finally had them to bare metal. Second time to the painters and buy all account he had as much fun with them as I did. in the end they look great but they cost a lot of $ and took a lot of time to get there.

I really look forward to seeing this bike all built up and on the road I really hope Arunas and his new wip have a lot of long and good trips together.

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