The Cargo Bike' AKA the Duck

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Hear are some shots of my cargo bike, or the Duck as I like to call it as it reminds me of the submersible army trucks.

This has been a cool build for me, it is my second tig welded frame and I am getting my sys down with the welder. also got to utilize the new tandem jig attachment for the build.

I have taken the bike down the coast to my new house and work shop in Wollongong , this ride is 10 min from the work shop which has a fantastic view of the escarpment from the front windows, “hard life” .

The cable steering is working very well and after playing around with different stem lengths and saddle positions the rig is very comfortable and easy to handle.

I’ll be putting it threw¬† its paces and getting a few of the courier crew to test it and give me some feed back over the next few months , then¬† I’ll be fitting a box for the new dog and my nieces to be rolled around in.

Stay up right out there ..

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  1. Keir Whitcher says:

    With two Boxers and a 13 month old daughter, maybe I should have got you to build me one of these instead Tarn!!

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