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Well it seems that aero tubing is the flavor in the primate work shop At the moment.

This is keir’s SS cyclo X whip.

I met Keir about a year ago when I built a set of wheels for him, Keir is one of those people

With a great passion for bikes and the culture of bikes with a contagious spirit like that

I knew I was going to enjoy building a bike for him.

Keir came to with the idea of getting a cross bike based on the Moots psychlo- X frame ,

I did my home work on the frame and drew up a frame based around the Moots s Geo,

Keir had just had a Panasonic track frame built and imported from japan so I had him send

Me the drawings of the Panasonic so I could cross reference  the lengths of the Panasonic

Against the moots as the Panasonic fit him perfectly. I found there was a fair few difference

Between the two so I did a bit of tweaking to find a frame that would best suit the rider and

Terrain it was going to be used on.

I had planed to use round tubes for this build as if it was going to be ridden of road hard  or raced

I wanted the extra strength in the build but after talking to Keir about how he was planning to use the bike

Witch was mainly as a long-range commute weapon with some stints on the fire trails, I suggested using the

aero tubes for the build.

Once the tubes were decided on we both got pretty excited about the build and it was time to turn

My Paper Design into a frame.

The aero tube sets I had in stock where a bit to thin having only a.5mm wall section,  I knew they would be fine strength wise

But I was worried about stone impacts this stuff would not hold up to many of them.

So ordered in a set of Columbus  tubes these are an 8/5/8 butted tube set, With the knew tubes  I felt much better with

With the strength of the build .

I was keen to do something special with this build where I could so the first thing was to fit an internal brake cable run

On the TT this came out very well and looks the business, next Keir chose a set of my new candy crank track tips I was super keen to

Use a set of them as they look the ducks nuts and I was very keen to see a set in a frame. Then there was the brake bridge ,

Originally I ordered  some curved bridges with the cable stop set on the top but the look was a bit to old school for the rest of the build

So I ordered some single cable guide housings from my favorite supplier paragon machine works I Always end up ordering too much

As they just have so much cool stuff that I just must have.

As I was now using a single cable guide I needed to fit seat stay bridge normally I would use a tube either bent or straight for this but

After playing around with all sorts of fittings I toyed with the idea of using thick-walled piece of 4130 tube cut and shaped to fit, a lot of time was spent on the finisher hand shaping the pieces then many dry fits to get them  just right but it was worth it they really work well with the tubes and give it a very clean line .

One of the things I like about Keir Is he is very open ideas and can see the vision of what I’m seeing  in my head and most of my ideas end up in a yes. So next it was a custom stem to go with the frame sweet.

The stem I had originally planed was to have the brake cable guide running through the stem, but after playing around with the cable run

I could not find a good clean cable run without getting an unsightly loop of cable through the top of the stem.

I was going to miter some tubes and do a fillet brazed stem but after using a set of Llewellyn stem lugs for my road bike and seeing how sweet they came out I ,new that another set was in order for this build.

All in all this build has been enjoyable and challenging to do with the use of quite a few new techniques for me to get my head around.

She is of getting painted by Peter from star enamelers  in a very nice metallic green with white panel and off set in the stem.

I’ll put up photos when she get back..

Stay upright Tarn..

  1. bobswire says:

    nice! what fork would you run on it ?

  2. bobswire says:

    yeah, that’ll work will guide that steel true…. btw thought you’d appreciate this..
    San Francisco

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