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I have been busy on auto cad and master cam of late coming up with some new tips and chain ring designs.

I often find that my designs require something different from what is commonly available when it comes to tips and fittings for frames,

and when you have the wealth, knowledge and Machines  of  John from Cycleunderground at your disposal why would you not make the most of it.

Besides I think its way cooler to use a product you have designed and been part of the fabrication process of building,

and I know exactly where all the merieral has been sourced  from and how it has been proceed along the way.

Lastly keeps the dollars on shore and supports local business.

Any way whats what in the top picture is a tasty selection of tips/ disc brake tabs / and some linkages for my DH rig.

The track tips on the right are a john design and I used them in a lot of my builds over the years so it was time to top up had 10 sets each size cut.

The centre sets of track tips are a my design that I came up with for the candy cranks frames but I think they will end up in a lot of  builds  lucky I had 10 set of each of them cut as well.

The hangar tips on the left are my answer to a problem I get a lot when I have to replace tips in frames, Often when I have to cut out old tips there is not enough length to fit the new

tip and keep the same chain stay length so I designed these tips with a long tang for such repairs and also to have my own design hanger tip in my quiver.

The top right set is a variation of my original tip design that I use on my  eccentric BB single speed build. This set was designed for Arunas’s tourer which he was running a rolhloff

rear hub so I re worked the hanger to house the rolhlof hanger and opened the tip angle to fit his frame.

Top centre is a disc brake tab this is another Big John design, They work fantastic so and stock was running low so it was time to top up again.

top centre is what I call the bone link for my big rig it’s getting very near to completion only one more linkage to cut and it will be complete, they look very slick in the bike.

The bottom photo is the outer bash guard for a very cool project I have been sitting on for a long while now. I call these my Karma rings and they where the first thing that I designed when I taught my self how to use auto cad.

I have been weighting for a reason to get them cut as they are a very complex design and will need a lot of work to finish but they will look amazing when they are all finished, the

outer ring will be a shot penned and brushed finish in silver and then there is the inner chain ring that is getting anodised at the moment and will be black with painted highlights in the color of the frame. They look amazing and I finally had reason to get these cut for the next frame that im building, Its going to be a very very nice build for a very cool customer major bling on this one.

Ill post updates when they are all finished.

I have a few more things getting cut at the moment and some cool sliding tips in the pipeline put some shot up when the next round of bling is here.

stay up right Tarn..

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