the blue and white road weapon takes flight

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Here it is my beautiful silver fillet brazed road frame. These shots were taken on her first ride out and it was a sweet ride indeed. I was a bit apprehensive about the 10 speed with friction gearing but it is a very nice way to ride, you end up listening to the gear changes and getting a very close feel with the machine something that I find gets lost with pre set gearing, (not taking anything away from preset gearing here. Removing a hand to shift gears in a steep decent can boost the adrenalin levels some what)

All up the bike was really a great success so much so that when Meg asked to have a go I had to ride the rest of the way on her bike and by the time we got home I was building her an aero tubed  road bike in glitter red. Keep an eye out for that one.

Peter from Star enamellers has done an amazing job as usual and his artistry just makes a bike come alive. Only changes to the build will be a set of carbon cranks the set on there are beautiful but just a bit to skinny for the rest of the build I think.

Well I’m looking forward to laying down some long rides with her , planning to ride from home in the gong to waterfall a couple of times a week got to lose that winter flab. Have to see how she goes up the hill to stanwell tops.

Stay up right Tarn..

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  1. Keir Whitcher says:

    Looks sensational Tarn, I like the look of those brake cables, would they do for the internal routing on the cross bike. Cheers Keir

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