The little rig is growing

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Hear are a couple of shots of my latest project as it starts to the shape up .

This is my little rig she is a 6” travel duel suspension frame, I designed this one based a single pivot suspension sys with a 200mm air shock.

I wanted a simple suspension sys that was effective and didn’t rely on the shock to provide all the performance of the suspension, to this end I went for a direct BB pivot based around a set of profile cranks basically I have an American press fit bmx bb shell on the frame. I then have two CNC’d plates that carry the same size bearings in them as are on the BB. They then fit on the 19mm axle and bolt the swing arm together.

All in all a nice clean sys that runs on solid bearings and does not have a crap load of linkages to flog out or be maintained.

I have learnt a lot from building my big rig about how to design component to be easy to fabricate as it is all fine to design a very elaborate sys but it is a very referent thing to then produce said piece especially if they are only single units, things starts getting very expensive when you go down this road.

Big John is fabricating the plates for the suspension for me at the moment, meanwhile im working my way thru the rest of the build. The front triangle went together very well and looks the business. The rear swing arm has worked out well so far I have a bit to go on it yet but that is the best bit of building a completely new design, working out how to build it and seeing it evolve into the vision in my head.

I have been enjoying this build so far and I am looking forward to seeing this one on the trails.

Keep an eye out for future posts as it all comes together .


Keep upright..

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