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Here are  some shots of a ring I have been working on for a while now.

I was going through a box of loose bits that i was given a while back when i came across this 316 grade bolt that had the thread removed,I have always been a sucker for shiny heavy lumps of metal  (I consider it very good luck if I find a ball bearing on the street the bigger it the more MOJO you get) so this was instantly going to used for something cool.

After a bit of measuring up I knew with a few turns in the lathe this would fit my finger perfectly, I spent a few hours  cleaning up the outside on my linisher to remove some size and clean up the rough casting marks .

I wore it like this for a couple of months but I always felt it needed something more to finish it of.

First I came up with the idea of drilling holes in the center of each face, and then when I was cleaning up the work shop  I came across some off cuts from the brass tube of an internal cable run I did on a frame and I thought that this  would look cool in the ring.

So with the concept worked out it was just a matter of  getting some time to actually do it, that time came last night at work, It all went very quickly and i had the thing all finished in about 4 hours.

I didn’t go to town with the final finish on this ring as anything that sits on my hand is in for a hard life.

All in all I’m happy with it. And hey it always good to have a nice hard lump of  steel on your finger  for those late night trips home on the train when the drunk dick heads think it is a good idea to piss off the tattooed guy with a bike sitting in the corner (say hello to my little friend ) .

stay upright Tarn

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