Sarah's Green envy

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Hear are some shots of Sarah’s beautiful LEGNANO .

My Sister found this complete bike in the chuck outs in the outer suburbs of Sydney I striped it down with the intention of rebuilding it up for her but this never came to happen and the frame and forks sat on the top of a shelf for several years almost forgotten and nearly thrown back out a couple of times as well. Then recently one of the lady’s from work asked about getting a bike and I thought straight away of the legnano and thought it would be the perfect bike for Sarah.

After introducing Sarah to her frame and convincing her that though it looked a bit rough with its weathered paint that under the skillful and artistic hands of Peter from star enamelers she would be a most beautiful bike.

That done it was of to Star EnamelersĀ  to join the queue for Peters magic hands.

In the interim I went about sourcing parts and working out how I was going to re berth this beauty, it turned out that the biggest hurdle was getting the reproduction decals peter has a good contact for such work and the decals look the part and where defiantly worth the wight .

Well Sarah is still building up her confidence as its been a long long time between rides for her, but I have a feelingĀ  there will be a long and happy relationship ahead for them.

Stay upright Tarn..

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