Yves agent orange fixie. second time lucky

Yves agent orange fixie. second time lucky

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Hear Is Yves fixie

Yves came to me as a customer through an associate a while back . Yves sent through a bunch of  measurements from an old frame build he had done previously, he wanted a lugged frame based on these measurements , no worries I talked to him a bout what he wanted and sent through the new drawings of the frame for him to sign off on all good so of I go a building.

The build went well came back from the paint shop looking amazing. This was a complete build so I sourced all the appropriate parts from around the globe.

Built up into a lovely bike, Ok Yves come and pick up your new bike (remember I had not actually met him in person yet) any way he arrives and my heart  sank lets just say Yves will never be playing professional  basket ball. I could see straight away that the parallel TT of the lugged frame was going to be to high for him!

After more probing I found out the frame he had taken the measurements of was a luggles  frame with a very raked TT.

Though I didn’t believe it was in any way my fault (if you give me measurements and tell me to build based on them then that is what you will get) Yves is a very nice bloke and I could see that it was an honest mistake so I took it upon my self to build him another frame.

Yves went of to Steve hog at cycle fit to get fitted up properly i got his new measurements and worked them into a workable design.

It soon became clear that a traditional lugged frame was not going to work for Yves, this left the options of a lug less frame but he already  had a fillet brazed frame and I wanted to give him lugs if i could.

I had been aware of Llewellyn’s sloped TT lugs for a while and was very keen to use a set on a build and here was the perfect opportunity, so it was on the phone to Darrell to talk through the angles of his lugs to make sure they would work in this design, everything fit well so I placed an order and went to work for a second time.

Liewellyn’s lugs are very beautiful to work with and the frame came together quickly and smoothly   . In a very short time it was off to get painted again peter did it in record time for me and I was building it all into a new bike very quickly.

second time round all was good. Yves rang me to say it all fit beautifully and was as good on the road as it looked sitting beside it.

Yves I hope you and your new wip have a long and safe relationship ahead of you .

stay upright Tarn..

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  1. Keir Whitcher says:

    Superb, Dura-Ace, Chris King, Sugino 75s – SWEEEETTTT

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