An old Bennet got the treatment

An old Bennet got the treatment

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Hear is a nice Bennet that my tattooist Josh commissioned me to re ferb for his partner.

The whole bike was in pretty good condition as you can see from the top photos and we worked the color scheme based around the saddle which is pretty cool and i think Josh is going to get it re worked in leather. This will defiantly cap the bike off nicely .

I sourced all new parts with a nice archer 3 spd rear, turned out to be a very nice bike to ride , though I was getting some funny looks as I test road it around my street but hey if i’m going to be seen on a lady’s bike then this would have to be the coolest one to be seen on.

well Josh has moved up the coast to Byron bay area (lucky bugger). I guess  ill have to plan my next tattoo / cycle trip soon .

stay upright Tarn

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