Keir ‘s stainless master piece

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Well this is Keir’s third frame with me this time round it’s a beautiful stainless steel lugged road frame. Keir had been talking to me for some time about creating his own marque frame and after a lot of back and forward we came up with the design. The frame uses KVA SS tubes matched to llewellyn’s clean cast lugs, with brush finish rear stays and custom decals this was going to be a very high end build.
The SS tubes are always a bit of a challenge to work with they are super hard and very tricky to miter, so with delicate hands and good patience the frame started to take shape and soon we had the raw build done, for the forks also used llewellyn lugs and Columbus straight blades these matched the frame lugs to give the bike a complete look .
A lot of time went into the braze on fittings and brushing out the rear stays to a uniform finish.
Next it was of to star enamelers to get masked up and sprayed down , while Peter was working his magic with the paint Meg from candy cranks came up with the custom McLennan logos for the frame, when the art work was finalized the decals where cut but Greg softly and Peter applied them to the frame before the clear coat went on .
All in all this frame turned out beautifully and I was super happy with it when it was all done, did a fantastic job of building up the bike and was kind enough to let me display the bike at the ACBS.
Keir will be marketing these McLennan frame and fork sets to buy in a range of sizes and color options so check out the photos on McLennan cycles face book page.
Stay upright 😉

  1. Just beautiful to ride, the Mistral had it’s first shakedown ride yesterday after being on Tarn’s stand at the Australian Custom Bicycle Show in Melbourne. The acceleration due to the stiffness in this frame is nothing short of astounding. Extremely comfortable even on the less than compliant roads up here around Daylesford. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like a test ride and I’ll certainly be getting it up to Sydney in the new year as well.

    Thanks again Tarn, like my other frames it is fabulous. This one goes above and beyond.

    0419 918 229

  2. Kiwidon says:

    If one has to ask “How much?’ then one probably can’t afford it….but?
    A ball park figure would at least allow me to fantasize.

  3. Hi Kiwidon. The price for frameset as you see it there with the brushed finish on the stays, single colour paint, Chris King headset fitted and the frame prepared for build is $4350. Polished lugs, fork crown, dropouts and fittings are extra as is multi coloured paint finishes. Feel free to give me a call anytime.

    Keir Whitcher
    Mclennan Cycles
    0419 918 229

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