My raw 6″ suspension rig

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Well it’s been a long time coming but I finally got to finish my 6″ suspension frame 😉 I drew up this frame on auto cad 2.5 years back wanting a bike that suited the amazing riding around my local area that I had just moved to , as always my bike projects get pushed to the back of the build Que when I have customers builds on . So time ticked on and I even resorted to using a building up a giant reign frame lent to me buy a good mate. But I never bonded with that bike and as a frame builder it was a Insult to my self to not be riding my own frames . So I set aside time to finish building and get this rig rolling .
I learnt a lot during the build of this frame and I got a chance to try out some new concepts along the way . I am extremely happy with the the way she turned out and how she rides , and though there are a lot of things ill do differently for the next build ( I have already started the next build ) this rig will be taking pride of place in my quiver for a log time o come 🙂
Stay upright

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