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When my partner told me she was taking my road bike so she could ride with her friends on the weekend , I thought this was the perfect opportunity to build by dream road bike .)
I had been thinking about building this frame for a long time and had the idea of how I wanted it to look . At first I had planed a fairly classic lugged frame with the raw SS tubes and the reverse painted Lug’s , but as usually happens when I start building things the more I played with ideas the more elaborate the frame became 😉
First I hand cut and shaped all the lugs to make them unique , and the more I thought about what I wanted this bike to be the more I was leaning towards a cyclocross frame , so after a bit of tweaking to my design I had a lugged cyclocross on the design board . This have me room to try out the seat stay yoke you see in the pictures , something I have been very eager to work into a bike build for ages . The other part of the rear triangle that I got to try out a new concept was the chain stays , I have always toyed with the idea of using a set of a bend chain stays in a lugged bb ( very hard to do and lots of pissing around to make work ) but the end result worked brilliantly ,
Then there was the forks , using the twin crowns I fabricated a while a go with the round taper track blades and a few funky mods for the centre pull brakes we had beautiful frame complete , that is till the painting started. I work very closely with my painter and we often try out new ideas and concepts together , after getting the finish on the SS tubes the way I wanted and working out a coating sys that would keep the raw look and preserve the tubes integrity it was time to mask out the lugs . Well wasn’t that fun , all in all I spent 20 hours masking and re masking the lugs ( those lovely intricate lugs I had spent so much time shaping where now turning into a huge pain in the ass to mask out but we got there in the end )
I love the look and the way this bike rides , having made a couple of SS tubed frames for my customers and hearing how amazing they rode and handled it is great to finally be able to experience it for my self ,)
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