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Bens big cargo bike

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Well here is another build that is a little different , Ben asked me to build him a cargo bike that needed to fill a few specific requirements he wanted the handling and response that you get from a pull pull cable steering sys and a big carry bed but most importantly it had to be very strong as he would be carrying around his most precious asset his new born son. So I set to work creating his super cargo frame, I have been very happy with my cargo bike and but i was very glad to have this opportunity to improve a few things with this build. with all one off complex builds there are always many challenges to deal with and this build was no different but the end results have come up to and bettered my expectations and I am very much looking forward to seeing the complet bike built up and running. Well if you live in Brisbane look out for a crazy green cargo bike rolling the streets.
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The Cargo Bike' AKA the Duck

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Hear are some shots of my cargo bike, or the Duck as I like to call it as it reminds me of the submersible army trucks.

This has been a cool build for me, it is my second tig welded frame and I am getting my sys down with the welder. also got to utilize the new tandem jig attachment for the build.

I have taken the bike down the coast to my new house and work shop in Wollongong , this ride is 10 min from the work shop which has a fantastic view of the escarpment from the front windows, “hard life” .

The cable steering is working very well and after playing around with different stem lengths and saddle positions the rig is very comfortable and easy to handle.

I’ll be putting it threw¬† its paces and getting a few of the courier crew to test it and give me some feed back over the next few months , then¬† I’ll be fitting a box for the new dog and my nieces to be rolled around in.

Stay up right out there ..

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The Cargo bike

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Hear are some build shots of  the first prototype cargo bike.

I have been planing this one for some time and it has been a good chalange and very rewarding to see it come together.

It is tig welded and the build came together pretty quickly.

I wanted to use a cable steering concept that i had been toying around with, I got the idea from a very cool frame builder Francis cycles, he uses a funky cable steering set up on his haul bike, i did a lot of research in to pulleys and cable and played around with numerous ideas that could work for the steering, they all had merits but also had some sort of limiting factor. after much to and fro I came up with the system of two pulleys both of the same diameter with the cables running between them.  what i was  trying to achieve was a very direct steering that was out of the way simple to fix and repair and looked neat, I have never liked the linkage arm that is used on most cargo bikes they are prone to damage and look crap. Next I had to work out how I was going to attach the cables, at first i was going to use some very nice super flexible SS cable they use it to make jewelery but there was the issue of attaching it to the pulleys and I wanted the system to be easy to change and replacement cables to be cheap and easy to obtain. So in the end I drilled the pulleys to accept  standard brake cable heads the cables run from the fork pulley over a small cable specific pulley that runs along the side of the boom tube  then down to a second pulley that directs the cable under the frame and cargo platform they terminate and are attached to a small turn buckle which tensions the system then from the other end of the turn buckle there is another short wire that attached to the drive pulley on the steering shaft using the same attachment as the fork pulley. works very well on the bench and pushing it around the work shop floor. I will be putting it thru its paces as soon as it is all up and running.

I also wanted it to have a low bed like the bullit frames and the dutch cargo bikes as i think this is a better place to have the wight of the load and it makes it use full for carrying kids or pets.

It’s a full 4130 front end and Columbus rear stays and tips , using my designed and Cycle Underground CNC’d¬† eccentric BB, the forks are a of the shelf 20″ set that I fitted canti bosses to and then fabricated the steering pulley and welded it on, I have disk tabs on the frame and later on I will be designing a disc set of forks but for this frame I just wanted to make sure all the concepts where going to work on the frame before i started designing forks for it.

Well the bike is almost ready to roll I am weighting on a 20″ rim to come in from velocity that I will be building up over the weekend and I should be out for the first ride early next week looking forward to it.

I’ll post shots when i have it all together and sprayed up stay tuned ..

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The new tandem jig has landed

bicycle2 comments

The¬† new Tandem attachment for my Anvil super master jig¬† arrived on Friday. I only got to have a quick look in the box before I had to shoot off to work, then it was a couple of days till I could get down to the work shop to pull it out of its timber cocoon and fit out on the jig. As it was coming from Anvil bikeworks I new the finish¬† quality and most importantly the operation would be second to none, and this certainly lived up to my¬†expectations, man Don and the boys do some amazing machining in that factory. Well now I can finally start building the cargo bike that I have had on the drawing table for a while now, really looking forward to getting this build up and running I have a bunch of new ideas that I want to put into place on this build, I’ll post shots as it grows.

stay upright ..

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Santa bought me some cool toys this year

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Well I got some cool new tools recently, picked up a very sweet milling machine. I’ve been hanging¬†for the right machine to come so I was well excited when I found it. It was a big job getting it out of the old work shop, I had to do some funky rigging and creative door removal but it all went well and she is sitting in the new work shop. I haven’t not got to know her yet but I’m looking forward to a long and beautiful relationship.

getting a tandem attachment for my jig which I’ll¬†be using to build cargo bikes as well as tandems. I’ve finished designing and drawing the first cargo bike and I’ll be starting the build as soon as the new jig is through customs.

I’ve also bought a new tig welder and I’m working on a 24″ tig welded fixie, I call it ‘The Street Monkey’. It¬†should be a lot of fun and super tight through the traffic, plus it’s got loads of bar spin room up front, I’ll post shots as it comes together. I’m finalising the design for a 6″ travel duel-y¬†with a funky suspension system, I’ve got a bit of tweaking to do but it’s looking sweet so far and I’m looking forward to building this one.

Design wise I’ve
got a bunch of new rear tips designed for Candy Cranks frames and some Rohloff¬†specific tips for a custom¬†build I’m working on at the moment. Well that’s about it for now, I’ll put some shots up of the products and bikes as they become a reality, this lot are of the tig and the back purge system set up on the jig.

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