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Jewlz gets rolling again

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Hear Is Jewlz Fantastic commute weapon.

I have known Jewlz for a few years now and always loved her passion for her bikes and the true affinity she has with her rides. So when she brought over her beloved Brad(a condor acciaio) to see me about a crack he had  developed I was a little apprehensive I don’t  like to tell people the pride and joy may be un safe to use any more, but as it turned out though Brad had a small crack below the seat stay bridge I thought there was a few more miles in him yet and sent Jewlz on her way with the notion ow getting a new frame  in the future but with no great hurry on it, but fate had other ideas.

I got Brad in for a fit up and took all the measurements i would need to replicate Brad but in beautiful steel with sexy welds to cap it all off , any way not long after this I got a call from Jewlz telling me she had been taken out but a ute in the city and brad was no more. It was a nasty hit causing Jewlz to have surgery on her finger and when I got a look at what was left of brad I think it could have been a lot  worse.

Well knowing how much Jewlz loves to be on the bike I pushed her build ahead and got into it, with a few ups and downs on the way, mainly sourcing the right components for the build and with me moving the work shop during this time but we got there and the end result looks the business.

I have to apologize for the bad photos they really don’t do it justice !!

I’m still waiting to find out what the new rigs name is but these things take time and Jewlz and yet to me named are getting to know each other hears to along and safe relationship.

Stay upright Tarn..

the flying wedge almost ready to roll again

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Hear are a couple of shots of a repair that I just got back from the paint shop.

this Is Sean Malvern star flying wedge frame, this repair came to me when I bought out Big John from Cycleundergrounds stock had to track down the owner Sean thru various contacts to check if the repair was still a go ahead, after the job was confirmed it was down to business fixing things.

the first job was to repair the seat rail bridge the original fitting was a flimsy pressed metal affair that had let go so I set to work cutting out a new fitting that sat across the orignal bridge and connected the twin spars across the top all washed in with a good run of brass ,well solid. I then went and laid  some brass on the down tube seat tube joint as it was a bit rough and lastly had to clean up support fin joints again they where a bit rough and a bit light on in some areas.

Next was the flared HT .  it’s all ways a bit of a challange  doing flared HT some can be saved others are just to far gone to be brought back but this time ti all looked good The orignal tube was very thick wall material so I was able to ream out the bottom of the tube to accept thin-walled 1″ head tube section that i brazed  in and then fitted a reinforce ment ring down the bottom to give it some more strength. It all went smoothly and after running the head tube reamer thru it was ready to go of to get a fresh lick of paint.

I went the great oracle of the web to get photos of the color and try to get some shots of the decals. The color was not a problem to find, but getting good shots of the decals was not that easy, to this end Sean came thru and found a set of  decals.

all in all she came out very nice and I look forward to seeing her all built up.

I’ll threw up some shots when she is rolling.

Stay upright Tarn..

Rode hard cracked repaired and ready to roll again

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She is 20 years old – gets ridden 500ks a week in all weather – second time she has new DT (some one elce did it the first time) – and she is ready to roll again – and people wonder why I build with steel!!