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What you got, You got SOUL POWER

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It’s always interesting the things that come into your head on the Daily commute to work I find I often come up with some of my most interesting ideas or mull over how to make the world a better place one bike frame at a time.

Hear is one of the those ideas that has become one of my beliefs.

All the frames I build end up getting transported from my home work shop where all the big machines jigs and alignment tables  are to my finishing work shop in town where i do all the filing and fit the braze on fitting then back to the home work shop for final prep before being sent out to get sprayed.

every trip is done on a bike and I have got riding with a wide frame on my back down to a fine art.

I started to think about how frames take shape as they get built up and how you can start to see the soul of the frame as it becomes a bike , any frame i create are like my children and like all children  some are easy to work with and some just fight you all the way .

To this end I find the transporting of the frames is like a fledgling bird being shown how to fly,

I talk to them and say this is what you are ,this is what i have created you to do, feel the wind running past you, feel the road under you , listen to the rhythm of the wheels , hear the ebb and flow of  your riders breath,feel the transfer of power from legs to road. All this is what you are, take this knowledge and be the frame I have designed you to be. run true and strong little fledgling.

A bit flowery maybe  but I truly believe in the soul of each frame, and hey wouldn’t you prefer to be riding a bike with soul

Stay upright Tarn..

Jewlz gets rolling again

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Hear Is Jewlz Fantastic commute weapon.

I have known Jewlz for a few years now and always loved her passion for her bikes and the true affinity she has with her rides. So when she brought over her beloved Brad(a condor acciaio) to see me about a crack he had  developed I was a little apprehensive I don’t  like to tell people the pride and joy may be un safe to use any more, but as it turned out though Brad had a small crack below the seat stay bridge I thought there was a few more miles in him yet and sent Jewlz on her way with the notion ow getting a new frame  in the future but with no great hurry on it, but fate had other ideas.

I got Brad in for a fit up and took all the measurements i would need to replicate Brad but in beautiful steel with sexy welds to cap it all off , any way not long after this I got a call from Jewlz telling me she had been taken out but a ute in the city and brad was no more. It was a nasty hit causing Jewlz to have surgery on her finger and when I got a look at what was left of brad I think it could have been a lot  worse.

Well knowing how much Jewlz loves to be on the bike I pushed her build ahead and got into it, with a few ups and downs on the way, mainly sourcing the right components for the build and with me moving the work shop during this time but we got there and the end result looks the business.

I have to apologize for the bad photos they really don’t do it justice !!

I’m still waiting to find out what the new rigs name is but these things take time and Jewlz and yet to me named are getting to know each other hears to along and safe relationship.

Stay upright Tarn..

Ronnies SS mtb

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Ronnies frame is built up and running very nice,  build spec for this I designed the tips and we cut them on the Cycle Underground CNC machine. They’re cut from solid billet 4140, very hard stuff . It took 20 mins to cut each nugget and prep it for welding, have fun on it ronnie..

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