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The first ACBS

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Well I just got back from the first Australian custom bike show , and what a weekend it was . There was an amazing selection of beautiful bikes and accessories on display from all the builders in oz but the best part had to be that all the builders where in one room ( to my understanding it the first time it’s happened over here ) this gave punters the opportunity to put a face to the people they had heard about or been following and to see up close the workmanship on display , and from a builders perspective it was fantastic to see what others are producing and through around ideas on what people use and why . All in all it was an amazing event and may thanks go to Andy from fyxomatosis for organizing the event , and I’m already working on ideas for next years show . Hope to see you there .
Stay upright
For more photos of the show check out and go to ACBS link or check out my primate frames face book page .

Primate Frame Sale

Primate Frame Sale

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Here are some frames that I have for sale at very reduced prices , some of them are customers who fell through ,  others are stock that has been around to long .all are hand-built all have star enameler  paint jobs all are top quality. contact me if you need any more info on any of them. freight is $60 sent to all major city’s in OZ .

FRAME #1 $800

Primate fillet brazed double butted Columbus tubed /paul components tips / fixie with star enamelers paint job

Effective TT =586   /  ST =446  /  HT ang = 72.5 / ST ang = 72.5 / kg = 1.6 / 1 1/8  head tube / 27.2 seat post

FRAME #2  $500

Primate  cinelli lugged dedacciai tubed fixed free frame , has my custom tips, no cable guides but a rear brake bridge.

This one is very cheap as it has a small dent on the TT due to the bike being knocked over at another shop check the photos. frame is un ridden was built up then striped down again.

TT=53.5 / ST=53.5 / HT=73.5 deg / ST=73 deg / kg=1.8 / 1″ forks / 27.2 seat post

FRAME #3 $900

Candy Cranks Cenelli lugs Dedacciai tubes brake bridge  no cable guides fixed free frame and Dedacciai forks

TT=55 / ST=53.5 / HT=73.5 deg / ST=73.5 deg / Kg=2.6 with fork / fork rake 32mm / 1″ fork / 27.2 seat post

FRAME #4 $700

Candy Cranks proto type this was the first concept CC frame when we where testing out what wanted to do with them, has cenelli lugs and Dedacciai main tubes uses round tapered stays in the rear and old school campagnolo tips. this one has a very tight rack fork as i had intended to use this frame as a trick polo rig but never got round to building it up.

TT=55.5 / ST=52 / HT=73deg / ST= 73.5deg / Kg 2.7 with fork / fork rake 25mm / 27.2 seat post / 1″ forks

FRAME #5 $1000

This is a Bosevski road frame and fork John is no longer building his beautiful frames and this is truly a piece of history, not only is it a Bosevski but it is the personal frame set of the builder made with Cinelli SLX ribbed tubes and Cinelli lugs, internal cable guide on TT, Cinelli fork crown and blades. candy apple trans red paint. All I can say is its more than  beautiful it truly is a piece of art work.

TT=58 / ST=58 / HT=72.5deg / ST=73deg / Kg=2.6 with forks / fork rake =45mm / 1″ forks / 27.2 seat post

FRAME #6 $800

Hear is another Bosevski road frame this is one of Johns last frames ,this one is a fillet brazed main and rear with a lugged BB shell, Dedacciai tubes ,internal cable guide on TT .another beautifully crafted frame this one is un ridden and ready to be built up into something special.

TT=57.5 / ST=57 / HT=72deg / ST=73.5 deg / Kg=1.8 / 1″ forks / 27.2 seat tube

FORKS $220

I made this set of forks for a candy cranks ally cat prize but we didn’t end up using them. they have the rifled columbas steerer tube and Dedacciai fork blades and columbas crowns

(This set will fit the Bosevski pictured above)

crown to thread = 156mm / axle to crown = 359mm / rake = 35mm

Complete Bike $2500

Hear for sale Is Meg from Candy Cranks Fixie. this is a very tidy wip and Meg is only selling it as her new ride get all the an attention leaving this ride to gather dust

I don’t know what brand the frame is as it was already sand blasted when I picked it up but it is a very high-end light frame, I removed all the cable guides and gear hanger then had star enamelers do the paint.

forks are Campagnolo that we had sprayed to match the frame .

wheels are low profile Phil woods hubs in anodized red fixed free flip-flop rear black dt swiss double butted spokes tied & soldered, laced to white deep V rims with maxxis tires.

Phil woods BB / 105 shimano cranks, striped and painted white/ Thompson stem and seat post / shimano dura-ace front brake / msk quick release peddles  / soma tow cages and Toshi straps / pro bull horn bars.

this one will be $95 to send to any major city in OZ

TT=52 / ST=51

Ben’s W.T.F !!

Ben’s W.T.F !!

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Here is Ben’s new play thing in the raw. (and you thought your fixie was original 😉

I called this post Ben’s  what. The . F#@* !! because im pretty sure this is going to be the first thing people say when they see this bike riding by followed but Why.The. F#@* !! then buy can I have a go,. and if your lucky enough to get a ride the first two questions will be answered pretty quickly.

This is the second frame I have built for Ben. The first was a single speed 700cc custom special here is a link to some shots of it

Well Ben Is a very interesting customer he always has something new attached to his bike  or has changed the set up to suit his latest riding style. I like the way Ben thinks about bikes and his style with them, and when it comes to building for him he keeps on my toes.

He Will rock up with some crazy set up bike or a bunch of  sketched drawings of the ideas he wants to put into a bike, I have to then work out what will work and what will get thrown on the cutting room floor.

So when Ben rocked up on his 12″ folding bike with a hand full of drawings and told me he wanted me to build him one I had to get the gray matter working to work out how I was going to make 12″ rear 20″ front wheeled bike fit a 6′.2″ rider and make it ride smoothly and handle properly !

the first hurdle we had was to find a decent rear wheel no small feat let me tell you. Ben spent a lot of  time searching the web to find any thing remotely decent with not much luck. In the end we went with a 16 hole steel pram wheel I then had to get a 32 hole 120mm Miche track hub and lace it every other spoke hole. It was a fairly tricky build but it came out well in the end .

With the wheel  sorted it was time to work out the rest of the build around it, after much to and fro we settled on a 20″ front wheel and the 12″ rear. Ben had been fitted up by Steve Hog from cycle fit the first time I built a frame for him so I used the measurements and adjusted everything to fit the new wheel size. after a few tweaks I  had a design I was happy with , then it was time to start to build  her , she came together very well and quickly. I had a good excuse to use my new tube bender for the stay bridges  on this bike and im very happy with how they came out .

for the forks I had a set of MTB lugged crowns that I thought would be very good for this build after talking with Ben we went with them and the forks you see in the photos were born.

After I had every thing built we decided to  build the bike up for a test run prior to getting her painted. Firstly as we are planing to build a rack on the front forks and I really wanted to see how she would ride , this being such an out there build though I knew the frame would fit Ben I really had no idea how it would ride or handle with such a small rear wheel.

well after prepping and building up the bike it was time to give it its maiden ride. A little bit apprehensively I threw a leg over her and off i went. A quick run around the car park and i had a big smile on my face she felt really nice to ride. With very neutral  handling being  quick and nimble but very stable you really didn’t feel as if you are  on a tiny wheel bike at all.

so now we are working out the carry system for the bike, im designing a front platform rack running of the front forks and then i will be making a trailer for the back.

Ben has kitted the bike out with a nice  build kit,   schlumpf high-speed drive crank set/ Chris king head set/ Thompson post / brooks saddle/ he has not decided on the front wheel build yet but im sure it will be top shelf.

Well all in all I am very happy with this build. It is always nice to have some thing turn out better than you where expecting it to be, and with a very funky color scheme planed for the frame and some cool head badge bling this is going to be a seriously custom build. Keep an eye out for the finished shots.

stay upright Tarn..

What you got, You got SOUL POWER

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It’s always interesting the things that come into your head on the Daily commute to work I find I often come up with some of my most interesting ideas or mull over how to make the world a better place one bike frame at a time.

Hear is one of the those ideas that has become one of my beliefs.

All the frames I build end up getting transported from my home work shop where all the big machines jigs and alignment tables  are to my finishing work shop in town where i do all the filing and fit the braze on fitting then back to the home work shop for final prep before being sent out to get sprayed.

every trip is done on a bike and I have got riding with a wide frame on my back down to a fine art.

I started to think about how frames take shape as they get built up and how you can start to see the soul of the frame as it becomes a bike , any frame i create are like my children and like all children  some are easy to work with and some just fight you all the way .

To this end I find the transporting of the frames is like a fledgling bird being shown how to fly,

I talk to them and say this is what you are ,this is what i have created you to do, feel the wind running past you, feel the road under you , listen to the rhythm of the wheels , hear the ebb and flow of  your riders breath,feel the transfer of power from legs to road. All this is what you are, take this knowledge and be the frame I have designed you to be. run true and strong little fledgling.

A bit flowery maybe  but I truly believe in the soul of each frame, and hey wouldn’t you prefer to be riding a bike with soul

Stay upright Tarn..

Sarah's Green envy

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Hear are some shots of Sarah’s beautiful LEGNANO .

My Sister found this complete bike in the chuck outs in the outer suburbs of Sydney I striped it down with the intention of rebuilding it up for her but this never came to happen and the frame and forks sat on the top of a shelf for several years almost forgotten and nearly thrown back out a couple of times as well. Then recently one of the lady’s from work asked about getting a bike and I thought straight away of the legnano and thought it would be the perfect bike for Sarah.

After introducing Sarah to her frame and convincing her that though it looked a bit rough with its weathered paint that under the skillful and artistic hands of Peter from star enamelers she would be a most beautiful bike.

That done it was of to Star Enamelers  to join the queue for Peters magic hands.

In the interim I went about sourcing parts and working out how I was going to re berth this beauty, it turned out that the biggest hurdle was getting the reproduction decals peter has a good contact for such work and the decals look the part and where defiantly worth the wight .

Well Sarah is still building up her confidence as its been a long long time between rides for her, but I have a feeling  there will be a long and happy relationship ahead for them.

Stay upright Tarn..

Yves's Agent Orange Fix

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This is Yves’ tidy new fixed frame and fork. Built using Reynolds tubing on the main frame and Columbus seat and chain stays in the rear. BSM Italian investment cast lugs, and Primate tips.

This makes for a very light frameset and I’m sure she will fly along when she’s built up.  The geo was taken of Yves’s last frame that John from Cycle Underground built for him close to 10 years ago and it’s still going strong.

I’m in the process of sourcing the components and building the wheels. I’m very much looking forward to building this whip up, with what I have in mind this it’s going to be a very hot bike. I’ll post shots when she is done.

Stay up right..

BMX Bandit

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Well here is my little red pill.

I had a bit of a set back with the build of this one, I made the seat stay and chain stay bridges just that bit too close to the tyre. After much kicking myself  for being impatient I set to work cutting the bridges out and fitting new ones. Off to get painted again (sorry Peter).

Got her back and quickly put it all back together and road her home to hit it up at Maroubra skate bowl.

A few little tweaks setting up the cock pit and it was time to through down some lines, getting to know her and getting her dialed in .

I have not hit the park up for a while so the body was complaining the next day (it keeps telling me im to old for this shit and I keep telling it to shut up and do what its told, I think it may win but I will put up a fight before I go down)

all in all im happy with the build and the ride I think we will have some good times together.

I’m off to the park now to teach my body who is boss. 

Stay up right..

I’m Famous!!!

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Made it to the big time, been spotted on the Fyxomatosis website, thanks Andy, some beautiful shots!

I'm Famous!!!

downhill bike, fixed gear, hand built custom bicyles0 comments

Made it to the big time, been spotted on the Fyxomatosis website, thanks Andy, some beautiful shots!