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Bens big cargo bike

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Well here is another build that is a little different , Ben asked me to build him a cargo bike that needed to fill a few specific requirements he wanted the handling and response that you get from a pull pull cable steering sys and a big carry bed but most importantly it had to be very strong as he would be carrying around his most precious asset his new born son. So I set to work creating his super cargo frame, I have been very happy with my cargo bike and but i was very glad to have this opportunity to improve a few things with this build. with all one off complex builds there are always many challenges to deal with and this build was no different but the end results have come up to and bettered my expectations and I am very much looking forward to seeing the complet bike built up and running. Well if you live in Brisbane look out for a crazy green cargo bike rolling the streets.
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6″ is more than enough

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Well it has been a couple of years since I first came up with the idea of building a short travel bike . lots of time spent on auto cad working out angles geo and clearances, originally I had planed to get some plates CNC cut and have the swing arm as a bolt together unit but as happens I kept putting other (paid jobs) ahead of this build . I have been working on a new suspension frame design with a good mate who is a gun when it comes to suspension design so I figured now was a good time to revisit my half finished frame re working the swing arm design to be more in tune with the style of frames I am planing to build in the future. To this end I learnt a lot and I’m very happy with the end result, I’m looking forward to seeing how she performs on the trail.

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There’s Pink and then there’s PINK

There’s Pink and then there’s PINK

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My new toy is all complete.

Well when you ask peter from stat enamelers to do some thing in hot pink that is certainly what you get .

I spent all night putting this evil little beautiful together and gave it its first run today, very sweet I can see my self having a good time with this toy.

The deck is a slab of 3mm carbon fiber sheet . The brake is a section of high tensile stainless steel tube cut and shaped to fit works a treat. titanium handle bar. oury lock on grips . Brooklyn machine works bar end caps. syncros  threaded head set. Luksa 100mm 85a wheels. ceramic bones red bearings. hand cut carbon head tube badge.

I will be taking her down to the skate park to see what all the young monkeys are on about and to try not to deck my self to hard.

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The devil’s play thing

The devil’s play thing

bicycle, brazed, columbus tubing, costom scooter, custom built hard tail street frame, custom forks, lugged, machinery, tig bike frame set up, tools, Welded, Wet Sprayed, workshop4 comments

If satan had a son and satans son rode a scooter this would have to be satans sons scooter!!

My latest crazy build is almost ready.

About 5 years ago I started to see a lot of kids on razor scooters in the skate parks. This use to give me the shits (and it still does when parents use the park as some sort of  pre school and let there very young kids loose with scooters  unsupervised while they talk shit and drink coffee in the corner!!) I was always thinking get a skate board or a bike and stop pissing around on that half ass attempt at both. That was till I saw a 10-year-old kid bust a 2m back flip out of the bowl whilst doing a double 360 and landing it!  suddenly I had a whole new respect for these monkeys they where throwing down some big shit, but they were doing it on the old folding neck  piece of crap scooters and  they where defiantly not designed for that sort of  abuse.

So I started toying with the idea of¬† building¬† a hard-core scooter, but i didn’t really¬† think¬† there was much chance of selling such a thing so it went on the back burner.

Any way jump to the present and I was starting to see heaps of kids with what looked like some pretty serious scooters rolling the streets.

Gone were the break neck fold up decks these things where all one piece and looked pretty trick , and the bar was a cool segmented hard-core looking thing. The forks where by far the coolest¬† looking bit of kit all CNC’d super trick looking pieces.

Well this was my Q to re visit the idea of a hard-core scooter again. After a bit of home work I saw just how far things had moved on, and I’m kicking my self a bit¬† for not getting in there sooner, you snooze you loose .

Looking out there I could see that there was still room for something a bit different (this is always my excuse to justify building my self a new toy!). So one quiet day at work it was out with auto cad and start to create on-screen what was floating around in my head.

A bit of¬† R&D and I had the geo and length sorted out, then It was a matter of trying to work out how I was going to jig it all up? At first I tried¬† to use my frame jig but that turned out not to be a workable option so it was on to my alignment table with clamps and spaces to get every thing running true and straight. A few hours of fine tuning and I had it set up to tack, tacked and welded and it was all looking sweet. next was the forks I played with the idea of doing a CNC’d set but then I thought why not try for a lugged set of forks after much deliberating and playing around with different crowns¬† I settled on the ones you see in the pictures. I must admit I really enjoyed building this little toy as it started to take shape I kept getting more and more ideas about how i wanted it to look or what would look cool on it, to this end I remembered I had some tapered plugs I had bought a while back from Paragon machine works and I thought they would look trick on the forks and the rear of the deck. I would pull them out and lay them up on the rig then think no leave them off and put them away only to pull them out again, indecision..

finally I thought why not and filled them out and dry fit them and im glad I did they looked sweet.

next I had to turn up the axle tips and braze them in on the forks and tig them on the deck, with the deck and forks finished I turned my attention to the stem and bars.

I wanted to use a set of titanium handle bars that I had so I machined out a tube to fit the bars and welded it to a very nice tange prestige down tube  that I had in my kit the end result is a very light super strong bar stem combo.

all in all it turned out very well and she is of to get sprayed this week. I wont give away what color she will be but lets say Barby would be proud .

For the rest of the build I have a cool set of¬† Luksa 100mm wheels and I’m getting a solid carbon fiber plate that I will be making into the top deck, I also have a funky brake system worked out but I’m not sure if I’m going to be running it yet might just stick to the old sneaker¬† stopper.

well I’ll put up some shots when I get her back from the painters and have her all built up and rolling .

so if your thinking you need something super special or super hard hit me up. I am keen as to whack out some more of these baby’s .

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What you got, You got SOUL POWER

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It’s always interesting the things that come into your head on the Daily commute to work I find I often come up with some of my most interesting ideas or mull over how to make the world a better place one bike frame at a time.

Hear is one of the those ideas that has become one of my beliefs.

All the frames I build end up getting transported from my home work shop where all the big machines jigs and alignment tables  are to my finishing work shop in town where i do all the filing and fit the braze on fitting then back to the home work shop for final prep before being sent out to get sprayed.

every trip is done on a bike and I have got riding with a wide frame on my back down to a fine art.

I started to think about how frames take shape as they get built up and how you can start to see the soul of the frame as it becomes a bike , any frame i create are like my children and like all children  some are easy to work with and some just fight you all the way .

To this end I find the transporting of the frames is like a fledgling bird being shown how to fly,

I talk to them and say this is what you are ,this is what i have created you to do, feel the wind running past you, feel the road under you , listen to the rhythm of the wheels , hear the ebb and flow of  your riders breath,feel the transfer of power from legs to road. All this is what you are, take this knowledge and be the frame I have designed you to be. run true and strong little fledgling.

A bit flowery maybe¬† but I truly believe in the soul of each frame, and hey wouldn’t you prefer to be riding a bike with soul

Stay upright Tarn..

Santa bought me some cool toys this year

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Well I got some cool new tools recently, picked up a very sweet milling machine. I’ve been hanging¬†for the right machine to come so I was well excited when I found it. It was a big job getting it out of the old work shop, I had to do some funky rigging and creative door removal but it all went well and she is sitting in the new work shop. I haven’t not got to know her yet but I’m looking forward to a long and beautiful relationship.

getting a tandem attachment for my jig which I’ll¬†be using to build cargo bikes as well as tandems. I’ve finished designing and drawing the first cargo bike and I’ll be starting the build as soon as the new jig is through customs.

I’ve also bought a new tig welder and I’m working on a 24″ tig welded fixie, I call it ‘The Street Monkey’. It¬†should be a lot of fun and super tight through the traffic, plus it’s got loads of bar spin room up front, I’ll post shots as it comes together. I’m finalising the design for a 6″ travel duel-y¬†with a funky suspension system, I’ve got a bit of tweaking to do but it’s looking sweet so far and I’m looking forward to building this one.

Design wise I’ve
got a bunch of new rear tips designed for Candy Cranks frames and some Rohloff¬†specific tips for a custom¬†build I’m working on at the moment. Well that’s about it for now, I’ll put some shots up of the products and bikes as they become a reality, this lot are of the tig and the back purge system set up on the jig.