Fabrication Solutions

Fabrication Solutions

Fabrication Solutions is the design and fabrication arm of Primate Frames and Cycle Underground. With an extensive work-shop and and in-house CNC facilities, only the highest standards are maintained and top quality products produced.

Services we provide include
  • Full product design
  • CNC mill and lathe services
  • Complete welding services
  • Engineer certifications where required
  • Powder coating

Theatre Products

With over 15 years experience working in live theatre and the performance industry, we offer real world solutions to often inadequate or ineffectual systems, saving time, potential injury and man power.

Services include
  • Modular staging
  • Trolleys and dollies
  • Storage cages and boxes
  • Removable hand rail systems
  • Removable seating
  • Folding quick change rooms
  • Seat base repair and fabrication
  • Encoder drive axles
  • Rigging and hanging points


Bicycle products

We design and produce a range of fitting and tools for the bicycle industry.

These include
  • Custom rear tips
  • Custom fork tips
  • Eccentric BB systems
  • Disc brake Tabs
  • Brake bridges
  • Custom seat post clamps
  • Rack fittings
  • Roof rack fork up mounts
  • Head set press
  • Chain whip tool


Frame building parts

We’re working on an affordable complete frame building  jig, that will be available as a complete system or as individual components. This will also be offered as part of a “Build your own frame course” run out of Primate Frames work shop.

The course will guide the participants through building their own frame using the jig system, giving them a good grounding to do future builds with the jig system in the future. Contact us for more details.

Tube holding blocks designed and fabricated for a tandem bicycle build. The blocks are part of a frame building jig design and are available commercially.

Custom designed tips being fitted onto the rear swing arm of a dual suspension mountain bike.

Custom tips for 3 different frames builds

Eccentric bottom brackets.