– 24 ” Street Monkey

The little monkey is almost finished, I was inspired to build this frame after talking with Big John at Cycle Underground a few years back, I even started cutting a tube set back then but other builds got put ahead of this one.

On my trip to Japan touring on my tandem with Meg from Candy Cranks I saw a lot of small wheeled bikes rolling around and it was time to drag out the plans for that 24″ commuter I’d been playing around with back then. I had also just picked up my new tig welder so this was the perfect build to get my head around the new machine.

My anvil super master jig has a back purge system fitted to it for purging the tubes with argon gas when tack welding the tubes. I got all the pipes connected up and fitted the tubes in place and tacked away, it all went very smoothly.

I also bought a bunch of back purge fittings from Paragon Machine Works in the states, these are used to fill the tubes with argon when it’s out of the jig. I was very impressed with the finish and functionality of the fittings.

As this was going to be a concept bike I decided to try a few other ideas I had played around with. I had a set of forks that I had built  for a 26″ wheel, I decided to use these on this build as it gave me a couple of things I was looking to try out on the bike. First it gave me a bit of clearance above the tyre to fit an internal brake cable run through the steerer tube and second it had enough clearance to run a set of v brakes on the back of the forks, (I’ve always thought this was a better position for brakes as the force is running into the fork blades, rather than pulling away from them, I’ll see if there is any noticeable difference. The extra length has given me clearance for  bar spin nonsense and makes it very easy to get up on the back wheel (not that I’m any good at either trick but will defiantly help the progression).

I’m running a converted Shimano disc front hub on the rear using a Cycle Underground six-shooter cog. I’ll be fitting and running the new heavy-duty chain rings again from Big John at Cycle Underground.  These are cut from 4mm plate and have a removable grind guard they are for 144-130 bcd cranks in sizes 43-46 tooth and will be available in any color as long as its BLACK . And lastly will be running the new spline drive spider (again from the master mind of Big John) that will be to match the new chain rings. So you can finally  fit profile three piece cranks and run them on your fixie,  no more stuffed crank bolts and flogged chain rings. Good times.

As this bike is going to be worked hard, I have gone for the rat rod mat black rattle can finish, no-where near the magic of a Star Enameller finish but it came out not too bad. I used 2 coats of killrust primer and 2 coats of full mat black enamel and lastly I fitted a full carbon head badge cut out of the tube from my old giant cadex ( I made a bunch if these at the time horrible stuff to work with but they look very good on the frames).

I’m just waiting for the tyres to come in from the UK as no shops stock 24″x 1″ tyres (funny that)

All in all I’m very happy with how this one turned out it has a quirky look about and it reminds me of a scaled down tall bike. From sitting on it in the work shop the geometry and sizing feels spot on, aggressive but comfortable enough for those 70 km commuter days, I’m dead keen to get her rolling and see what I have created.